Fr. Jonathan Morris: Pat Robertson’s Halloween take ‘dark’

Our last Twitter encounter with satanists was at a high school football gameThursday night, so the fear factor associated with devil worship has decreased significantly. That hasn’t stopped televangelist Pat Robertson from issuing another of his Halloween warnings, which has been picked up by the Washington Post.

Halloween? “Thats the day when millions of children and adults will be dressing up as devils, witches, and goblins to celebrate Satan,” the Washington Post reports Robertson saying on “The 700 Club”Thursday. “They dont realize what theyre doing.”

Frequent Fox News contributor Father Jonathan Morris thinks they do realize what they’re doing: eating candy and dressing up. We’re not seeing many devils, witches or goblins this year, but there are a lot of super heroes, Star Wars and Frozen characters, and Donald Trumps making the rounds. A baby dressed as Pope Francis even managed to win “top prize” from the president.

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