Video: Ravens’ player immortalized as confetti snow angel!/sarahmeetsworld/status/298279487441879040


— Lady Marmalade (@sistahunna) February 4, 2013

This is what a Super Bowl win will do to a man.

Raven’s player wins Superbowl, first thing he does, makes a snow angel in the Confetti. #awesome

— Chris McKenzie (@CMcKWings) February 4, 2013

Big shout out to #ravens #23 for the confetti snow angel after epic victory!!! FTW #SuperBowl

— Micah Henderson (@blu_spark) February 4, 2013

Frolicking football players… Highlight of the game… #confettisnowangel #ribbondancing #SuperBowl2013

— Jessica Paterik (@jpaterik) February 4, 2013


Chuck Norris would like to give a S/O to the guy making a snow angel in the confetti

— Chuck Norris Facts (@NorrisFacks) February 4, 2013

And now preserved on Vine for posterity:

#superbowlsunday #ravens #winning #confettisnowangel

— Nicholas Zuaro (@NiCK_ONe_X1) February 4, 2013

You’ll never be as happy as that Raven doing a #ConfettiSnowAngel

— Stephen Kranking (@SteveKranking) February 4, 2013

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