Brilliant! Greg Gutfeld to replace David Letterman? Howard Stern says ‘yes’!/fallenangelnyc/status/453176892418719744

Oh my! That’s genius!

Twitter users report that Howard Stern on Monday suggested Greg Gutfeld of Fox News’ “The Five” and “Red Eye” replace the retiring David Letterman.!/tman42/status/453124814723506176!/DonovanCrawford/status/453168749676621824

Gutfeld retweeted one of the reports:


This guy wasn’t too pleased:!/al_damato/status/453125452107096064

Wrong, sir. Gutfeld would be brilliant, as always.!/CliffordAJones/status/453167954557800450

Other Twitter users agree: Make it happen.!/M_Horror/status/453203586156355584!/Stephenmvk/status/453143422161809408

A delightful bonus:!/ejn123/status/453132422704427009

Oh how delicious the tears would be!

And an excellent exit suggestion:!/murbee65/status/453131078006767616


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